Designing a Nursery with Pinterest



Pinterest is an amazing tool when it comes to home design. There is so much inspiration to be found and it can all be added to a virtual mood board with a click of a button. No longer do you need to cut things out of magazines and stick them down onto a vision board! The process of using Pinterest is also very user friendly, which is something that is so important to consumers in this day and age! You can also save inspiration that you find elsewhere on the internet but just using the Pinterest browser button. 


If you’re expecting a baby, chances are that you’ve probably already collected some sort of design inspiration for this special room. You might have already started a Pinterest board as well. If you’re a bit lost about where to start and how to really start piecing the room together, you’re going to want to keep on reading. 


Step 1: 


Make a Pinterest board if you haven’t already. You can either make one board or you can make a few different ones if you want to be even more organized! You can divide them up as: cot/sleeping area inspiration, storage inspiration and wallpaper and room design. It’s also ok if you just want to make one board called: Nursery Inspiration 


Step 2: 


Now that you have your boards ready, it’s time to start pinning! You can start off by scrolling through and searching for specific things and pinning them to the corresponding board. Pin as much as you want and have fun with it. You might even find items you’d never thought about or you might be inspired to go in a totally different direction than what you originally had planned! 


Step 3: 


You’ve probably pinned hundreds of pictures at this stage, and now it’s time to go and condense your board. You’ll start to notice a trend with the pieces and inspiration that you really liked. Delete the pins that don’t match up with this vision first. Next, check that you haven’t doubled up on any images - if you have, you can delete those as well. At the end of this process, you’ll find that you have a smaller but quality selection of pieces that could be in your actual nursery! 


Step 4: 


Click on the links of the items you have pinned and see if you can purchase these items where you live or if you have to go search for something similar on the internet. Make a list of what is available and what isn’t. You can also see if it will ship to where you are and if you’re willing to pay that cost. Some items are worth shipping and some aren’t. You might also want to check out other stores to see which offers the best price for the item. 


Step 5:  


Have a checklist of all the necessary items you need in a nursery and not just the fun fluff that will decorate this adorable space. Make sure that you have pinned at least one item for each of these, if you haven’t, it’s back to the drawing board to search for more inspiration! 


Step 6: 


Once you have everything checked off the necessary items list, it’s time to have a bit more fun and find other design components which will really bring the room together. This can be anything from a sweet design wallpaper to the mobile you want hanging above the bed. This is so exciting and you should enjoy the process so make sure you start early on in your pregnancy so you love the nesting process.


Step 7: 


Find a design that suits your furniture you’ve found and also that suits your budget. The extras you can always buy at a later point, you don’t have to get everything at once. Pinterest will always serve as your inspiration board and you can come back at any time to find the decor items that you dream of adding to the nursery. 


Step 8: 


Share your board with friends and family so that you can get their input if you’d like it as well. You can share it with your partner as well so you can each have fun scrolling through Pinterest during your lunch break finding ideas for when your little one arrives. This is also a great way to find a happy medium between both of your ideas and find a way to combine the styles together, if they are different. 


Step 9: 


Head on over to Interie to find some really amazing nursery furniture pieces to stock up your space at a great price too! You can also follow our Pinterest Board here.


Happy pinning! 

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