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When it comes to storage in a home, especially cupboard space, the question everyone asks is built-in cupboards or freestanding wardrobes? At Interie, we love a good freestanding wardrobe and this post will convince you about it as well. What is so great about a freestanding wardrobe? Well, they provide you a lot more flexibility when it comes to room design. If you are changing up a room, you can easily move the wardrobe and put it elsewhere. This is also handy if you move houses - your wardrobe can come with you! It’s also a lot more cost effective than the expensive design and installation process that comes with built-in cupboards. So, we’re about to win you over with some of Interie’s best freestanding wardrobes! 



The Stige 3 Door Wardrobe is one of our larger units. It is beautifully designed in white and pine to fit any Scandi designed home. It is paired perfectly with the rest of the Stige collection to be completely modular. It has two tall compartments, one of which has a double hanging rail section and the other has 4 adjustable shelves to change to your needs. In the centre of these two sections, you will find even more storage space with drawers and another cupboard. This wardrobe provides an exceptional amount of storage for a freestanding wardrobe. It also fits easily into a room without taking up too much space. Thanks to its sleek design, it will feel like it’s a built in wardrobe! 



The Concept 3 Door Wardrobe is another large freestanding wardrobe available at Interie. It’s everything we love about Scandi style, but with a twist! The twist is the pop of colour added to this wardrobe design. This is what makes it ideal for a kids room - or even a playroom to store all the fun and games for your child. There are so many spots to fold your clothes or hang them in this freestanding wardrobe. The shelves are adjustable - as are all shelves in our products because we understand that what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for another! You can completely fit out this room with the Concept range and it will make it feel like this cupboard was built just for you. 



Have you ever seen a freestanding wardrobe as beautifully classic as the Ines Young Users 2 Door Wardrobe? We certainly haven’t! The detail of the doors are just incredible and really looks expensive too. The space inside the wardrobe is just as wonderful as the outside. You have two hanging rails as well as adjustable shelving to configure it in whatever way you desire. It is finished in either white or grey and would be perfect in a child’s room that has a more classic design. The beauty about the freestanding wardrobe, is that when they outgrow it, it can be used elsewhere in the home!

The Spot 1 Door Wardrobe is the ideal way to increase storage thanks to its size and simple design. It will work in any room, especially ones with a Scandinavian style influence. It’s the perfect small free standing wardrobe to give you that little bit extra storage space you’re probably missing. It is so stunning in it’s simplicity with beautiful soft toned acacia and solid pine legs. It provides four compartments for clothes, shoes or anything that you need some more space for. It also is a fantastic option for rooms that have very little space for storage. 

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