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Having kids is a big expense - having to buy new clothes as they grow and new toys and gadgets as they develop and learn. You probably have also found yourself buying new furniture to fit their needs as well. You can’t use a cot for your 7 year old… or can you? Interie is redesigning the way we think of furniture. We are bringing in more and more furniture that can transition through the ages and work for all age groups. 


We really pride ourselves in our range of cot beds at Interie. Most of these cot beds are able to seamlessly transition into a daybed or junior bed option. This means you won’t have to completely refurbish your nursery when your newborn starts to outgrow this space. You will simply just need to remove the bars from the cot bed and you’ll have a new piece of furniture to suit your child’s needs. 




The Concept Cot Bed is the perfect choice for a bed that will adapt as your newborn grows over the years. This piece pays attention to detail with light grey and oak accents that make it a beautiful design. This cot bed allows for a very safe night for your little one and you can safely remove the three bars when they need more freedom in their sleeping area. It will transform into the sweetest child size bed that will last you quite a few more years. Once your child has outgrown it, you can remove the one end to make it into a daybed which can be used somewhere in your home. This piece never goes out of style or out of order. 



If you’re looking for the ultimate transitional piece of furniture, you’ll have to order the UP!Cycle Cot Bed. It is the smartest cot design we have ever come across. It starts off as a cot with a built-in cupboard and changing area on the one side. The mattress frame is also able to adjust according to the age of your baby. It also converts into a junior bed. You will then remove the extra pieces that made it the fantastic and multifunctional cot. With these panels, you will UP!Cycle them into a desk space. This has now become the ideal area for your toddler to learn all about drawing, reading and being creative. This piece will take you through the ages and there is something for every stage of development. 



If you’ve ordered or plan on ordering a dresser or chest of drawers for your nursery from Interie, you’ll be pleased to know that these can grow up with you and your baby. All of the dressers are incredibly stylish and will perform well throughout the years as trends change. Once these items have served their purpose in your nursery, you can even put them into your own bedroom as they are classy and stylish. 


One of our favourites at Interie for all ages is the Marylou Chest of Drawers. This style is so elegant and traditional. This means that it won’t only be used in a nursery, it can be used in any room of your home that requires extra storage. It has three drawers that are spacious and wide. It is in a classic matt white finish and can be ordered with a slide on a changing table. This can be removed when your baby no longer needs nappy changes. It can then simply be used as a chest of drawers for anyone in the family. 



Another set of drawers that we love to transition from baby to older is the Nature Chest of Drawers. It is a lot more contemporary in design that the Marylou Chest of Drawers. This may suit a home that has a more Scandinavian design concept. It also comes with an attachable changing table for your baby that can be removed easily. It is available in white and grey - depending on your colour palette in your home. It has beautiful oak legs to stand on as well. This doesn’t just need to be a storage solution in a bedroom, it will also look just as good in a living area or dining room to store table cloths and dinnerware. 



Last but not least on our “grow up your furniture” list is the Spot Adjustable Desk. It’s all the name - it is a desk that can be adjusted to just the right height for you. This means it can be used for all ages - a drawing space for toddlers, a homework area for kids and teens and even for mom and dad in the home office! It has three different height options and literally is able to grow up with you. It is a simple design as well so it will fit in easily to any home, no matter the design aesthetic in the rooms. 

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