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We may be heading into winter but a spring clean is always a good idea! As we move into different seasons, you’ll find yourself needing different things and somewhere to store the things you don’t need. Storage is a problem we all have in our homes but luckily, Interie has a magnificent range of storage options for you. Not only do we stock wardrobes and dressers, but additional add-on storage solutions for many of our beds. 

The space beneath your bed is often wasted and all it ends up doing is accumulating dust. It’s time to fix this problem. Almost all of our beds come with the option of additional storage systems known as trundle drawers. Some of our products already have this included! We’ve found that storage is extra important for parents as it helps them keep their sanity by being able to hide away the mess! 

Let’s start in the nursery - this might be particularly useful for first time parents who are feeling overwhelmed by all the bits and bobs they need in this space. Apart from making this space adorable, you need it to be practical too. This is where Interie’s nursery dresser selection comes in handy! 

The Milk Baby Changing Dresser

The Milk Baby Changing Dresser is one of our favourite products and with an under £200 price tag, this is a great piece to order for your nursery storage. Not only is this a set of drawers to store nappies, clothes and baby products, but it also has a changing table. Having the things you need to change your baby just below the changing station could not be more convenient. The wide drawers also make sure that you have plenty of room for everything you and your baby needs. 

The Concept Nursery Dresser

The Concept Nursery Dresser is not only a very stylish piece of furniture but also has the option of attaching a baby changing table to it. You can remove this attachment once you no longer need it and this dresser can move with your little one to the next stage of their life. This is a fun and contemporary style dresser with impressive storage space in it’s 3 drawers. It comes in a large selection of colours to brighten up your nursery. 

The Concept 2 Door Wardrobe 

If you find that even the Concept Nursery Dresser isn’t satisfying your storage needs, you can order the Concept 2 Door Wardrobe. You’ll get some hanging storage in this wardrobe along with six more shelving units. This is wonderful for a nursery space, for older children and even adults. This will create the perfect modern bedroom and make sure that everything can be put away. It’s amazing what good storage can do for your home and how spacious it can feel without the clutter. 

TeePee Kids Single Bed With Trundle Drawer

Storage doesn’t have to be boring and that’s clear with the TeePee Kids Single Bed with Trundle Drawer! When your kids outgrow their nursery and toddler beds, it’s time to think about how to keep their room somewhat organized in their “big kid” room. This bed comes with the trundle drawer that slots in right below the bed frame. This means there is more room for playing instead of having it taken up by storage units in their bedroom. You can store extra bedding here, more clothes and also toys or bedtime story books. 

The Stige Small Storage Cabinet 

At Interie, we are all about modular designs that can adapt to exactly what you need. We have a wide selection of storage units that fit in perfectly under desks, on top of wardrobes or literally anywhere you need them. You can find all your kid storage options here. If we had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be the Stige Small Storage Cabinet. This little unit is so portable and fits in all the little spaces where a bit of extra storage would come in handy. When you open up it’s cupboard door, you’ll see two neat storage compartments. The best part about it is that it is on wheels so you can move it to where it needs to go. 

The Evolve Low Dresser 

As your kids move into their messy teenage years, you’re going to want to try and get ahead of this problem by making sure storage is not a valid excuse! Every teenager dreams of a cool contemporary room (at least we think so) and hopefully having trendy furniture and great storage solutions will encourage them to look after the space. Treat your teen to the Evolve Low Dresser. It comes with an awesome push-top-open system that your teen will think is fun… even if they don’t admit it! It has 4 drawers for storage and a large cupboard space. 

This is just a small selection of the storage options you have with Interie. As you start your Autumn/Spring clean, there are a few tips to remember along the way. Firstly, underbed storage is the way of the future. Out of sight, out of mind as they say! Secondly, multiple purpose storage pieces are great - like our Milk Baby Changing Dresser. This saves space and it also makes it a lot easier for you to do nappy changes in the early hours of the morning. Lastly, if you give your kids and teens the best storage options, they most likely will end up using it and take pride in their room to help keep it clean and clutter free.

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